Top Ten Celebrity Car Commercials

"Intro" – The Interstellar, um, star has enjoyed an enviable streak of box office and critical success, wooing moviegoers and reviewers alike. Based on the bump in Lincoln's October sales figures, Matthew McConaughey's appeal also extends to the car-purchasing public, delivering pure gold despite a rather limp script.

It seems hardly fair to talk about weird Japanese automotive ads without recognizing that, yes, car commercials tend to be big-budget, convoluted affairs no matter where you are in the world.

In North America, however, the vast majority of ads focus on discounts and financing offers. Very rarely do they promote the brand itself. But when it happens, it usually involves a famous spokesperson and a long-winded monologue. That’s where we start our top ten list of (in)famous celebrity car commercials, ranked in ascending absurdity.

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Andy Lin

Andy Lin

Andy possesses basic literacy skills which manifest at random. If you're reading this blurb, such an event has occurred.