Police Cars of the World

Everybody knows that Canada’s finest, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, are so called because they ride horses. Horses, therefore, are the best and most revered of all police vehicles. Sorry.

Today we salute the four-wheeled members of our finest. The chariots of the officers who keep us safe, maintain our peace, and issue our speeding tickets.

For a lucky few, the daily grind of the beat can be left behind for a few glorious moments behind the wheel of the world’s most exotic cars.

The bobby, the rozzers, the fuzz, the five-o, the coppers, the cops, the gendarme, polizia, the constabulary, the heat – call them what you like – just don’t scratch their wheels.

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Jacob Black

Jacob Black

Jacob is a writer and a journalist who enjoys cars, driving and jokes. Sometimes he writes a series of jokes and loosely connects them to a car he was driving. Jacob Black is not a werewolf.