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Pacific Marine Road, British Columbia

Top Picks: Best Roads in Canada

Originally published on on November 4, 2013 (Top Picks: Best Roads in Canada) Stelvio Pass, the derestricted Autobahn, the Nikkō Irohazaka, blah, blah, blah. What about roads Canadians can actually drive on in something other than a rented diesel hatchback? It’s not like we don’t have a lot of tarmac criss-crossing this big ol’…

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2015 Nissan Murano SL

Road Trip: Ottawa to New York in Nissan’s New Murano

Originally introduced in 2003 to a combination of admiration and accolades, the Nissan Murano was a real leap ahead in the midsize SUV segment. Comparables – at the time, boxy and truck-like – immediately seemed dated when parked next to the curvy, modern Murano, one of the first “crossovers” to hit the market. It came…

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Top Driving Songs

Top 10 Best Driving Songs

Strident opinions by Steven Bochenek Originally published on on June 19, 2013 ( Nothing says summer like clumsy rhymes about noisy rides led by a catchy earworm and backed by simple thudding chords. What are those timeless paeans to car lust that make you turn the volume up and thrust your foot down? These…

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1957 BMW Isetta

Find of the Week: 1957 BMW Isetta

The BMW Isetta is one of the most iconic micro-cars of all time, but did you know that the boys from Bavaria didn’t actually design this unusual egg? The original Isetta was in fact conceived by a company called Iso SpA, which hailed from Italy. More concerned with building appliances, scooters, and motorcycles than passenger…

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Mazda currently offers the CX-5 compact SUV and seven-seat mid-size CX-9, and now the CX-3, labeled a subcompact and based on a new Skyactiv platform that will be shared with the upcoming Mazda2. We flew down to Arizona to get our first look at what the CX-3 offers buyers in this segment and what sets it apart from its competition.

First Look: 2016 Mazda CX-3

Scottsdale, Arizona – The crossover market continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, with more and more people jumping into small utility vehicles than ever before. Customers looking for easy access, all-season usability, practicality and a broad selection to choose from are finding that the crossover market is full of great options high on value….

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