Best-Selling Vehicles of 2014

2014 Ford F-150 STX SuperCrew

Car sales have returned to record levels, with more Canadians buying all manner of new vehicles in 2014. This despite ever-tightening budgets, rising average MSRPs, and – at least until December – high fuel prices. Overall, Canadians were pretty boring, though, with few surprises in our choices for transportation. We start with the top five cars and top five trucks, then some interesting sales leaders in various segments and south of the border.

Best-Selling Cars in Canada
Rank Make and Model Total 2014 Sales
1st Honda Civic 66,057
2nd Hyundai Elantra 50,420
3rd Toyota Corolla 48,881
4th Mazda3 40,974
5th Chevrolet Cruze 34,421


Best-Selling Trucks in Canada
Rank Make and Model Total 2014 Sales
1st Ford F-Series 125,277
2nd Ram Pickup 86,590
3rd GMC Sierra 48,046
4th Chevrolet Silverado 41,959
5th Toyota Tacoma 9,973
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Mark Atkinson

Mark Atkinson

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Mark Atkinson

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