2015 North American International Auto Show Highlights: Day 1

Sweet mother of Ayrton Senna, here’s the production NSX, finally revealed. Three separate electric motors (one on the drivetrain and two up front) combine with a twin-turbocharged, longitudinally mounted V6 for a total power output that Acura claims is “North of 550 hp.” Helloooo.

Article and photos by Brendan McAleer and Mark Stevenson, additional photos courtesy of the manufacturers

Sure, January 1 was two weeks ago, but when you’re talking about cars, it’s the North American International Auto Show in Detroit that marks the beginning of a new year. Running now through to January 25, this is the show that sets the tone for the year to come, and 2015 is looking exciting indeed.

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Brendan McAleer

Brendan McAleer

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Brendan McAleer

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