Five Ways to Save Fuel NOW

Does your ride seem thirsty lately? Do you relish the idea of spreading out visits to your ride’s favorite fueling station? Are you part of the increasing number of Canadians trying to do their part for the atmosphere by reducing their emissions? If so, here’s a quick look at some ways to reduce the fuel consumption of your trusty ride tonight. Like tonight, tonight.

Though current fuel prices are at record-breaking lows, most Canadians are still concerned with fuel-price instability, and aware that low fuel pieces do nothing to reduce global warming or unwanted emissions.

One needn’t necessarily look for a new Mitsubishi Mirage or Chevrolet Volt or hybrid car to cut fuel consumption and emissions by 10 percent or more.

Why? Maintenance. It’s the original fuel-saver and emissions reducer, and it’s been around since before hybrids and direct-injection engines and thirty-eight-speed triple-clutch transmissions started to become mainstream.

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Justin Pritchard
Justin Pritchard is a native of Windsor, Ontario – though he’s called Sudbury his home for the past 20 years. Justin is a full-time auto writer, consultant and presenter of EastLink TV’s AutoPilot. His work can be seen weekly in numerous outlets across the country. When not writing about the latest new models and industry trends, you’ll probably find him fixing his 1993 Toyota MR2 GTS.
Justin Pritchard

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