The Cars of Shakespeare

He’s dark. He’s brooding. And he’s rich. Very rich. So, like Cleopatra, there could only be one car for him, and that’s the Mercedes S600 Maybach. It’s got a big, gutsy twin-turboed V12 for when The Prince of Denmark needs to hightail it away from his somewhat bawdy mother and of course, his father’s ghost. Plus, if nothing else, Hamlet is known for his procrastination and indecisiveness, so this new Maybach (is it a model unto itself, or just a gussied-up S-Class?) is the perfect reflection of the character.

With the annual Stratford Shakespeare festival about to get under way in the town of that same name in central Ontario, we thought we’d take a look at what would happen if the various characters – who have, for years, gotten around famously on boats, horses and their own two legs – were given the chance to choose a car – any car – they wanted. The only stipulations? It has to be from model year 2015, and it has to be sold at retail level in North America.

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Dan Heyman

Dan Heyman

Dan Heyman is a car guy through-and-through, ever since his first word was “Toyota”. Dan has worked as a full-time automotive journalist since 2010, having driven and written about everything from Abarths to Sierras and tackled race tracks from Texas to Toronto during that time.