In Pictures: Goodwood Festival of Speed

1939 Auto Union Type D, driven by Nick Mason, drummer for legendary rock band Pink Floyd.

From one-off, carbon-fibre supercars to iron and steel leviathans more than a century old, the Goodwood Festival of Speed is an unparalleled celebration of motorsports, speed and cars.

Founded in 1993 by the Earl of March, the festival takes place on the 12,000-acre Goodwood Estate, surrounded by pastoral English countryside.

Although the event is centred around the Hill Climb, a 1.86-km dash that’s one of the most prestigious in motor sport, the main attraction for festival goers is the accessibility of the world’s rarest and most celebrated automobiles.

The Goodwood Festival is just too vast a spectacle to fully explore in just three days, so here are just a few highlights.

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Lesley Wimbush

Lesley Wimbush

In 5th grade, Lesley traded drawings of muscles cars for chocolate bars and things really haven't changed much since then. When not cursing the gremlins behind the insidious check engine light on her 400 hp modified Dodge Dakota, Lesley can be found lapping her Mazda MX3 KLZE at Mosport.