World’s Coolest Garages

You can tour this facility, but you can't park here. And no, they're not a battery farm for our robotic overlords. Volkswagen's Autotürme (German for "auto towers") are twenty storeys tall, fully automated, and hold 400 vehicles each. The two glass towers are attached to the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany and house brand-new Volkswagens awaiting pickup by their owner.

When you turn off the engine and step out of your car, do you look around at where you’re standing? Is a garage simply the place where you park your automobile? We’re not talking about the underground parking at work or the sprawling monstrosity attached to the mall – today, we’re talking about garages worthy of the precious cargo in their care.

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Andy Lin

Andy Lin

Andy possesses basic literacy skills which manifest at random. If you're reading this blurb, such an event has occurred.