Greatest Racing Liveries of All Time

Renown is a clothing company that had a two-tone colour scheme typical of the time. Whether it's the reflected glory or just the pure 1990s-ness of the diamond-shaped pattern, it's a legend.

You can recognize them from a mile away – and that’s good, because up close they’re a blur. Everyone has a favourite, and we all idly dream about painting our own car the same way. A green and orange Mazda. A blue Subaru. An orange V8 Mustang.

Racing liveries are how our heroes dress for battle, a modern take on the heraldic crests of yore. Best of all, you don’t need to be a pitchfork-wielding peasant any more to cheer for your favourite one.

Here’s a look at the twenty-five best liveries to adorn racing machines, all suited up and ready to show their true colours on the track.

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Brendan McAleer

Brendan McAleer

Brendan McAleer is a Vancouver-based automotive writer, a member of AJAC and a ginger.
Brendan McAleer

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