Ontario to Build Nearly 500 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in 2017

Chademo Charger

The Province of Ontario has pledged that it will build nearly 500 electric vehicle charging stations in 2017 at over 250 locations throughout the province.

With an express goal of easing range anxiety for Ontario EV drivers, charging stations have been earmarked for key locations such as city centres, highways, and at workplaces, condominiums, and public spaces.

Backed by Ontario’s Green Investment Fund as announced in 2015, the Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario grant program will see the province invest $20 million in the project and work with 27 different public and private sector companies.

The move is part of a stated goal to encourage Ontario drivers to shift to low- and zero-emission vehicles. With 6,400 EVs already on the road in the province, the government says further shift is vital to fight climate change and achieve its greenhouse gas pollution reduction target of 37% below 1990 levels by 2030 and 80% below by 2050.

As well as charging station infrastructure the $325 million Green Investment Fund includes “energy retrofits for single-family homes and affordable housing, support for Indigenous communities, industry and small and medium-sized businesses, and helping local organizations fight climate change.” Over 200 applications for the Electric Vehicle Charger Ontario program have been received, representing $165 million in grant requests.

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Stephanie Wallcraft
Stephanie Wallcraft is the child of an auto worker and honed her passion for cars in the grandstands of the Molson Indy Toronto. Today she continues the family tradition by writing about cars and motorsport for publications across Canada while living with her motorhead husband and daughter in downtown Toronto.
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  • Jim Beam

    So how fast will these stations charge an EV, AND at what cost? Perhaps this is another way for Wynn-bag to dump energy that would otherwise be sold out of Province at a loss while still charging consumers in Ontario the highest electricity rates in North America.

  • PoeTentiate

    They’ll have to be fast like Tesla Superchargers

  • Ken Kreger

    Another waste of our tax dollars. It will be a long time before ev is mainstream. Just how far do you think it will go on a charge with when its -30 or plus 30 and the hvac is on full trying to thaw you out or keep you from melting in a mobile green house. On some routes here there is nothing for 200 km so ev will never be a option

  • SLM

    Plus how much are they going to charge for that 30 min. zap?

  • Elizabeth Seaton

    The two level 3 charge points in Toronto now charge 5$ for 30 min = 75- 100km travel depending on temperature and the vehicle.
    PS own a BEV – Mitshubishi Miev.

  • Ryan

    Are these level 2 or level 3 chargers? How about just one level 3 quick charger in Toronto right now instead of 500 “planned” chargers for places that don’t need them. I think it’s an embarrassment that a world class city doesn’t have 1 non Tesla exclusive quick charger! Even Montreal has a few. This is one intitive that the government needs to take the lead on as the Manufacters don’t seem to care. They are willing to sell vehicles and even charge alot for the option of a quick charging port but offer little to no support! Nissan offers one charger at their head office that always seems to be out of order, outside of the city limits in Mississauga. Mitsubishi has a charger just down the street that is not available during the most needed times outside of business hours and much needed weekends. These two chargers represent half of the non tesla exclusive chargers in the GTA and by a stroke of bad luck are located right next to each other. Kudos to Power stream headquarters in Vaughan and the Town of Markham’s city Center chargers for offering the other two chargers in the GTA. These chargers are unfortunately out of area and commuting routes. I’d put the first Toronto charger downtown! The second along the 401 hopefully around Yonge. All the major malls should have one, Scarborough town, Fairview, Yorkdale, Eaton, And Sherway. Then every on route stop along the 401 then 400, but that’s just wishful thinking. The city should also require every new condo permit to have a certain percentage of spots designated for ev use with at least a regular outlet if not a level 2 charger. I just moved to a condo at Yonge and Sheppard and will probably have to give up my EV because of the lack of charging facilities. What a shame I really loved this car! I wouldn’t mind paying my fair share to keep charging it but no one wants to take the initiative to build the infrastructure! Once a charging network is built and the model 3 and other cars like it come out it would make no sense for anyone to ever own a gas car ( except for collectors)

  • Ryan

    Chicken or the egg? You need a charging network for ev to become mainstream. How far can you go? Hopefully to the next charging station! 200km? Try 50 km the exact reason we need these chargers! There needs to be one at least every 100km. Imagine how popular internal combustion engine cars would be if there were no gas station.

  • Ryan

    30mins gets you at least 80% in a Leaf at least and that equals 128 km for a Leaf. That is of course from 0 which it should never get to. Still far less than gas, and a fair price for me, profitable for the station owner and if you include the environment and society it’s a win-win-win situation! Wynn should be all over this! Sadly it will take years and come in over budget after all the kick backs are paid!

  • Ryan

    What chargers in Toronto?

  • Ryan

    The fastest charge rates are usually more dependent on the vehicles equipment not the charger, Tesla purposely built there packs to handle faster rates and charges over $4000 to upgrade to supercharging capability. The standard for most Chademo and Sae enabled cars is 80% in 30mins which is good enough for me. I usually spend 20mins quick charging. No need to re invent the wheel here. These chargers all ready exist and are in operation in the GTA. We just need more and to strategically place them. (Easy access from highways, populated, areas, etc. )They cost about $40 000 and need to connect to 480 volt 3 phase power ( common American industrial power ). They can be made to take payment before charging and can actually be profitable to the person running it. Just need to take the initiative.

  • Ryan

    Heard wrong. 30mins is what’s usually quoted but that’s from 0, you never drive your gasoline car until it runs dry so why would you an EV? 20mins is what I usually take. You’re right, if there’s cars a head of you, you have to wait but that is the same as gasoline pumps, that’s why you see more than one pump at a gas station and you just proved the point of why you need more than one charger! Like 500! all over Ontario, all over Canada, all over The world!

  • Ryan

    Forgot to mention, an important fact for EV’s; most ppl don’t own a gas station at home, but you can with an EV relatively easily. Even condos if the builders have the will ( or compelled by legislation). The issue is fast chargers for trips that go beyond the range of the vehicle. We need a few in Toronto andy one at every Onroute in Ontario. Right now there are signs that say home to future EV chargers. Those signs have been there for years. I’ve inquired over a year ago when will they actually install chargers and got a generic answer back of they are looking into it. We need action, not just words, proposals, plans or signs!

  • Ryan

    BTW, I’m a licensed mechanic, apprentice electrician and lineman and have a diploma in electrical engineering. I own a Nissan Leaf and have plans to convert a Hummer H1 (HMMWV really) to Electric. So i do have a bit of practical knowledge on the subject. please feel free to ask me any questions pertaining to battery or Plugin hybrid electric vehicles, I’ve researched them extensively.

  • Ken Kreger

    Maybe we should start using tax. Dollars to subsidize gas stations to then. In the interest of fairness to all Canadians? Instead of penalizing me because I made the right choice for myself and for where I live with diesel. Perhaps tax dollars should fund bus passes to even though the bus will never pass within walking distance to where I live. Or maybe that’s my faul for living here and should be forced to sell my vehicle and move to Toronto.
    The responsibility to build charge stations are with the manufacturers of ev and those that chose to buy them. Not the tax payers. Period.

  • Aliengoo

    Using Elizabeth Seaton’s numbers for a L3 charge {$5/30minute-75-100km},that’s not compelling to someone who can drive a similar subcompact ICE that can get about 5L/100km. This includes the flexibility to fill it with gas in less than 30 minutes pretty much ANYWHERE in Ontario.

    Posting here because I contacted Sherway Gardens’ Andy Traynor about a month ago,and they’re not installing ANY EV charger in the near future.Yet they’re spending $550 million [TorontoStar: 09.21.15] on their renovation, and right by the QEW and 427.

    If you use PlugShare , Chargepoint, or CAA ‘s EV charger location apps.It is really sad for Canada’s largest city.Literally 98% of the EV chargers are within commercial buildings where you will pay anywhere from $2.75/30 minutes, and $15 , or more between 6am-6pm. City of Toronto has a 2012 pilot of 5 on street chargers,without any enforcement.Thus they’re likely under utilized,and will probably show no need for the City to install more.

    Enforcement, EV charging spots need to be restricted to EV parking only.Apply a significant a fine,or even be towed. Otherwise such spots can be more convenient,and cheaper for some to just park,and eat a fine.

    Without timely delivery,both detractors,or those who drive EV/PHEV will view the Green investment fund as just another waste of tax money.

  • Aliengoo

    Depending on gas prices.This is premium gas pricing.2017, you were right,the DCFC ,with L2 installs are now late.