International Female Ride Day May 7th, 2016

She’s got one hand in her pocket, and the other one is on her motorbike! How can we not include Alanis Morissette in this list? If this photo doesn’t make you a bigger fan of Canada’s best-ever musician then nothing will. Good taste too, that’s a Ducati Monster she’s rocking there.

On the first Saturday of every May (this year it’s on May 7th), groups of female motorcycle enthusiasts around the world will be going out to “Just Ride” as per the motto of International Female Ride Day. IFRD is a global day of awareness and celebration of women’s motorsport. By asking women to participate in the day, it seeks to educate people on women and motorcycling, shifting any preconceived notions of what it is to be a female biker.

The idea of an internationally recognized ride day was conceptualized ten years ago by Motorcycle enthusiast Vicki Gray. IFRD was born in Canada. It was promoted as a national event with hopes that it would become an international event. It’s launch proved how passionate women riders are, no matter their country of origin. The first event saw celebrants throughout the United States, Canada and several European locations join in.

“The day was born with the purpose to underline the fact that many women ride and enjoy motorcycling, by implementing a day where female motorcyclists simply got on their motorcycles and rode would truly underline this fact” Vicki Gray explains of the yearly event. Her point is proven yearly as more women around the world embrace the day to represent themselves as role models, encouraging other women to take up this fun activity, by way of example. IFRD has seen women from Hungary, India, South Africa and Australia join in over the years. The first group of women rode through the streets of Tel Aviv in 2008 in celebration of the day.

Ten years in IFRD is growing in significance in the lives of women riders and the expansion of motorcycling. It has grown as a platform where the industry can reach out to women riders. Women are no longer nameless as over the years, extensive networks and friendships have been formed through the activities of the day.

IFRD is not bound by any brand, style or capability. Scooters, trikes and off-roaders alike are encouraged to join in. Check out their Facebook page to see if someone is organizing an event in your area this year. Or create your own event and join in the fun of motorcycling.

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