Kia Australia Confirms GT Concept for Production

Kia GT Concept 3

Kia Australia has confirmed it’s gearing up for the arrival of the brand’s first sport sedan, which will be a production version of the rear-drive GT concept shown at the 2011 Frankfurt auto show.

The news comes from, which confirmed the car is set to go into production “before the end of next year.”

Kia GT Concept 2

If the car — code-named CK — comes to fruition, it’s said it will be a four-door “coupe” (think Mercedes-Benz CLS or Volkswagen CC) with a rumoured twin-turbo V6.

Our question is what platform the car will be based on: by that time, Hyundai’s upscale Genesis brand will be running close to full-tilt. Our guess, then, is this Kia might share some of its dirty bits with a next-generation G80 (what we now call the Hyundai Genesis sedan). It also remains to be seen what Kia’s global plans are for this car; given the brand’s recent push upmarket in terms of styling and powertrains, we’d be surprised if it didn’t bring a flagship like this to North America.

Kia GT Concept 1
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Chris Chase

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