Kia Sedona Minivans Recalled for Faulty Hood Latches

2007 Kia Sedona

Kia has recalled the second-generation of its Sedona minivan for the second time in as many days, this time for faulty hood latches.

While the campaign announced yesterday covers suspension control arms, there is a common link between the two disparate components: both are under recall for being susceptible to corrosion.

The hood latch recall, which applies to more than 23,000 Sedona vans sold between 2006 and 2014, was prompted by the discovery that corrosion could cause the secondary hood latch — the one you feel around for under the edge of the hood once you’ve popped it from inside the car — could get stuck in the open position. That would create the possibility for the hood to fly open while the car is being driven, should the primary latch fail.

Dealers are being instructed to replace the secondary latches with one of an improved design – featuring an enhanced corrosion coating.

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Chris Chase

Chris Chase

As a child, Chris spent much of his time playing with toy cars in his parents’ basement; when his mother would tell him to go play outside, he made car sounds while riding his bicycle or dug roads for his toys in the flower garden. Now he gets to indulge his obsession playing with real cars that make their own cool noises, and gets paid for it.
  • yves

    i have an 06 sedona, and my hood suddenly opened while i was doing 100 km/h. on the highway. thankfully the windshield took the impact and remained in one piece. i could see the lines on the highway thru a little bit of opening under the hood which was now covering the windshield, so i was able to pull over to the side of the highway. thank god there was no traffic around me at the time. it scared the %$#^%$ out of me.