Stalling Engines in Mercedes-Benz High-Performance SUVs Prompt Recall

Both Mercedes-Benz and Lexus like to fight over which was the ‘first’ to offer a luxury branded SUV. And even though it’s being renamed near the end of the year as the GLE-Class, the stalwart Mercedes-Benz ML-Class just topped 1,300 units this quarter, proving it is as popular as ever. A well-earned podium place, helped mainly by its 3.0-litre turbo-diesel V6 that accounts for 75 percent of sales.

Mercedes-Benz Canada is recalling more than 700 high-performance AMG versions of its 2016 GLE-Class crossover to correct a software problem that is causing the engines to stall.

Benz says the stalls are happening just as the vehicle comes to a stop, which could lead the driver to think it’s part of the normal operation of the car’s automatic start/stop system. In fact, however, the car will not re-start automatically after the driver releases the brake pedal, and would need to be started manually.

Transport Canada is concerned that in certain traffic conditions, the driver’s reaction could increase the risk of a crash. Mercedes-Benz is instructing its dealers to update the software in the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU).

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Chris Chase

Chris Chase

As a child, Chris spent much of his time playing with toy cars in his parents’ basement; when his mother would tell him to go play outside, he made car sounds while riding his bicycle or dug roads for his toys in the flower garden. Now he gets to indulge his obsession playing with real cars that make their own cool noises, and gets paid for it.