Your Dashcam Might Not Save You From Court


One unlucky YouTube user is in a spot of bother despite a dashcam video that appears to show their innocence in this Toronto traffic crash.

In the crash a car turns left across oncoming traffic, and the driver of the camera car collides with them. The police were told the dashcam owner was speeding, and that the light was red – neither of which appear to be accurate in the video.

The uploader admits he didn’t immediately tell the police about the video, and says that several witnesses testified against him at the scene. One of those witnesses can be heard yelling in the video.

Let this be a lesson – eye witness accounts of traffic accidents are not always accurate, for a variety of reasons. Among them shock, inattention, confirmation bias and just pure mis-seeing.

Also, let it be a lesson to dashcam users – always tell the police immediately following a crash that you have video evidence especially when there are claims to the contrary.

Finally, be aware that once a ticket has been issued the matter is on its way to court and there’s not much you can do about it – except to fight it in court.

Sure, going to court is a hassle, but we would be surprised to see this one go any further once a prosecutor or magistrate sees this video.

So keep your dashcam. It might not stop you going to court, but it could still prevent you paying a hefty penalty you don’t deserve.

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Jacob Black

Jacob Black

Jacob is a writer and a journalist who enjoys cars, driving and jokes. Sometimes he writes a series of jokes and loosely connects them to a car he was driving. Jacob Black is not a werewolf.
  • slappybeaver

    The light was definitely green and the speed of the dashcam car was not excessive.The entire fault lies with the turning car’s driver.

  • Matt Mitchell

    Notice the phone fly out of the hands of the turning car at the 25 second mark.

  • John Phillips

    Racism at its best! White people siding with white girl. That idiot was on her phone and obviously not paying attention. And the screaming guys logic would dictate that if the camera car went through red light then wouldn’t the turning car have done so to? Correct me if I am wrong but it isn’t always the turning car that has to heed the right of way!?

    I wonder how the scenario would have unfolded if it wasn’t a blonde girl driving…lets switch her to a black girl. hmmmmm

  • George D.

    1: The “blond white girl” can be identified as someone that is “white” with the blurred faces but she is neither blond or white, according to her facebook she is Asian with blond hair highlights.

    2: A couple seconds after the car accident happened, the dash cam drivers light was red, witnesses unknown to the fact thinking it was indicating that she passed with a red light. Humans have a herd mentality, eventually they’ll be repeating each other. Look at the case of Michael Brown, “hands up” never happened yet most witnesses claimed it did.

    3: Brampton has a 68% visible minority, at least half those “racist” witnesses were non white.

  • Aaron Lilley

    Probably the guy that shouted, “she had the righta way”, was attracted to the woman turning left and was trying to win her heart at the expense of the poor drivers who were simply proceeding on a green light. If it does go to court, good luck to them. I’m curious how this is going to end up and I hope they tell us all afterwards how it went.

  • Burn B

    How does a car turning left on a green light have priority? Please dont tell me you have a driver license Alex…. Policeman was right about speeding?….. how the hell can you say that, really man either you have a mental handicap or you just dont know what you are talking about… You sure cant use the “be smart” argument, driver going straight isnt suppose to assume a moron like you would turn left when they see traffic incoming… Not like the lady had anything to block her vision or distract her, other then the cellphone she was lookin at… Left turn, you have to yield until traffic allows you not the other way around..

  • Corey

    Ironic that he was just saying how cautious he drives, you make mistake, you deserve to be punished, LOL.

  • Brad Smith

    Fact; Brampton has the highest % of auto crashes, (so says the Auto Ins. Industry).
    I wonder if this video will help him in Court. I hope so.

  • John Phillips

    1. The blond girl is NOT asian. I have seen the unblurred video and she is definitely white. Where did you see here facebook account?
    2. It doesn’t matter what they saw. The girl turning left has to yield the right of way to the car going through the intersection.
    3. How do you know half the witnesses were non white? Assumptions nor unfounded stats will hold up in court. But his video proof will. And hopefully blonde and those stupid cops get what they deserve. But I highly doubt it.

  • slacker206

    Alexander, your driving teacher is referring to defensive driving, in which you should try and avoid others who are illegalying turning in the dash cam driver’s right away. Clearly, the dash cam driver had a green light.
    The Dash Cam Driver has the 5 entitlements to claim against the at fault driver: 1. Fixing his car; 2. Car Rental; 3. Healthcare costs; 4. Diminished value; and 5. Pain and Suffering.
    It would be wise the dash cam driver contact an insurance claim expert, to get every entitled penny he deserves. He clearly is not at fault, according to the video.

  • slacker206

    He clearly was driving cautiously, not speeding through the traffic intersection.

  • slacker206

    This scenario needs to be filmed, like you mentioned with the blonde girl in the dash cam car, on the TV Show, “What Would You Do”, surely an interesting and expensive experiment, to see how society favors; minorities or caucasians.

  • Joey Brava

    The general public is easily swayed. The general public is generally WRONG 99% of the time. The general public is generally STUPID !!!!! Look how quick they are to blame the wrong person.

  • Dan McLeod

    Do you understand the actual right of way? She turned in front of him with barely half a second to react.

  • Viet Phil Le

    Dashcam driver look like they were almost halfway through the intersection before the other driver started the turn. Maybe if dashcam driver was speeding he would have probably had a chance of gotten away. Lol.

  • KartCMP1

    Alexander, you’re an idiot.

  • alex

    the light was clearly green giving him the right to go, the person turning was in the wrong here

  • splashcat2000

    > Policeman was absolutely right about speeding

    Pray tell, absolutely right about what precisely? Feel free to quote the sentence in the article that indicates the policman’s opinion on the matter.

  • Elizabeth

    First, fault for an accident doesn’t always lie with the person who actually made impact with the other person, unless you rear end another vehicle. Second, the driver of the car with the dash-cam did in fact have the right away, not only because he had the green light, but also because he was proceeding straight through; left turns always yield to oncoming traffic unless you have a green turning light, which if this intersection had a green turning light the driver in the dash-cam car would have had a red light and clearly he didn’t. As far as doing nothing to prevent the collision, you can tell based on the impact and the movement of the turning vehicle upon impact, or lack there of, that the driver with the dash-cam obviously made an attempt to break but as there was less then 3 seconds between him entering the intersection, her entering the intersection and crossing out in front of him and the impact, there really wasn’t much more he could do, as normal reaction time for the average person is 3 seconds. The principal of yielding your right away, or what is more often referred to as courtesy yielding, is more for uncontrolled intersection and 3-way/4-way stops. It is almost impossible to courtesy yield in an effort to prevent a collision and in this case I would say it wasn’t possible to do so as he was already partially through the intersection when she turned in front of him. Also, even if the guy in the dash-cam car was speeding, he still had the right away and his speeding (though I don’t believe he was otherwise the impact would have been far worse) doesn’t negate the fact that he had the right away. Bottom line is, the collision is the fault of the blond girl, who failed to yield right away on a left turn and clearly was driving distracted. The cops made a bad call on this one. I’d also like to know where they found these witnesses, because if you pay attention to the video upon approach to the intersection there is no one around other than the 2 cars stopped at the light on the right, one of which makes the turn and drives away shortly after the impact and all of the pedestrians showed up 30 – 45 seconds after impact. Personally, I feel like if the driver of the dash-cam car was white (as clearly from the audio he is brown) “witness” corroboration would have been completely different.

  • RapOVO

    Peel Police saw a pretty white girl driving and an indian man driving. Who do you think gets the ticket? The cop prolly got her # too! – We all know whos at fault here….systemic problems will not go away. #NoDealPeel

  • perfect driver

    funny reply ever , put your glass on and watch the video !

  • GeneJockey

    I’d have to go back to other accounts of this, but if my memory is correct, I thought that the dashcam driver *DID* tell the police he had a dashcam and they said it didn’t matter and they didn’t want to see it. If so, your advice is pointless.

  • christo montana

    That blonde bimbo was probably texting and driving, or fixing her hair, spaced out and just plain not paying attention. Either way she was in the total wrong. She might want to consider taking the bus. Idiot.

  • Anton V

    Green light for both directions, car turning left is ALWAYS on a YIELD position

  • Anton V

    Driver turning left is always on a YIELD position to an oncoming vehicle.

  • Casey Wilson

    I think the more important question that needs to be answered is did she catch that pokemon or not? they are sneaky buggers

  • Stingray

    The cop who said that is an idiot lots of them around on the force.

  • Stingray

    Brampton has the highest insurance rates and Brampton has the largest east Indian and Muslim population, these people are poor drivers.

  • Stingray


  • Stingray

    Quite the rant.

  • Stingray


  • Stingray

    You need to continue with driving lessons.

  • Haan Sona

    Typical Toronto driver, not paying attention and thinking that they are right.

  • Tristtan

    The one that annoys me is the militant cyclist that wears a helmet-cam and tries to instigate traffic problems….

  • Tristtan

    From my experience they are the best insurance frauds…. I’ve been asked to participate in a scam between friends who set up a ruse in which one of them hits the other. They wanted a “white guy” to witness and provide external (they were both members of the same mosque and thought that might lead to suspicions) credibility.

  • Anthony Bakker

    The cop in this case had no business issuing a ticket to the driver with the dash cam, REGARDLESS of their being video evidence. The Ontario government’s own driver’s handbook states QUITE CLEARLY that, under the Highway Traffic Act, vehicles turning left do NOT have the right of way. Pretty obvious based on the points of impact which vehicle was going straight, and which was turning left. This cop needs to be sent for some remedial training.

  • Reality Thinker

    Blame all the provincial governments for their mickey mouse road test that allows idiots to drive.

  • Robert

    Not if they have an advance turn signal and the oncoming vehicle is still facing a red light. I can only assume that was the scenario the officer that issued the ticket was going under. Either way, the video makes it very clear who was at fault.

  • Robert

    Quite the rant, yes. A bit long winded, yes. Completely accurate description of events. Bang on.

  • todco

    You can see a phone in the left turning drivers hand which is on the steering wheel.

  • BastardMate

    “The uploader admits he didn’t immediately tell the police about the video, and says that several witnesses testified against him at the scene. One of those witnesses can be heard yelling in the video.”

    Witnesses said the cam driver ran the red. Guess who needs REMEDIAL TRAINING?

  • BastardMate

    Sure. Ok. Because ANY normal person wouldn’t want to see video. Right. There’s this website called YouTube that is having a real problem with getting people to watch videos… yeah…. makes so much sense….. right.

  • BastardMate

    “The uploader admits he didn’t immediately tell the police about the video”

    There. That’s the issue. We all know people are assholes, especially when it comes to driving. That’ why you have a dashcam to begin with!

    I’m sure this driver went to court, had the charges dropped when they saw the video, and now the other driver is screwed and the so called “wtinesses” are in deep doo doo.

    Reading some of the comments here I think people can’t actually read and just want to bitch about stupid shit.

  • BastardMate

    Why do people keep posting this cell-phone bullshit? First of all, the accident actually happens at the 23 second mark, fuckhead. Next, if you actually watch the video in HD and turn the speed down (YouTube lets you do that) you can clearly see that there is NO cell phone!

    What the fuck is wrong with you people? Seriously? Fuck off!

  • Anthony Bakker

    Even if that were true, the driver making the left is ALSO therefore “running a red” and is STILL required to WAIT for THROUGH traffic to clear.

  • Allan Hall

    Pure speculation.

  • Lawrence Fialho

    I honestly don’t understand how that guy near the end of the video could yell out “she had the right of way” There’s litterally no situation where she would have the right of way.

  • Celery66

    what is the point of having one, if you forget you have one lol!!!!!!!!

  • Meaghan Reimchen

    I did too

  • Meaghan Reimchen

    Its obvious! This bimbo driving that car turning is completely at fault failing to yield oncoming traffic and distracted this stupid woman should come forward and be honest to police not lying she should be charged with distracted driving, texting and driving, failing to yield traffic, providing false evidence and false statement

  • Meaghan Reimchen

    I had a dash cam when i got rear ended by a old lady and it was used against her!

  • Meaghan Reimchen

    that guy is delusional Lawrence clearly tweaking on something!

  • Crazy Cooter

    Sure there is, when the oncoming left-turning car has a protected advance turn signal and you have a red light, then that left-turning car has the right of way.

  • sixhats

    The guy who almost immediately shouted out “It was that guy’s fault” and later keeps repeating “she had the right of way”… He and that blonde seem to be of the same Caucasianal flavour, as ipposed to the cam-owner and passenger.
    Just sayin’. If I was a Caucasianal-kinda cop, I’d be used to being influenced by others wjo talk with a certain Caucasianal authority…..

  • Branden Townsend

    It bothers me that there are people like you who have no clue how racist you actually are. You brought race into an issue that has NOTHING to do with race. Don’t you see how you perpetuate bigotry with your incorrect, unnecessary and baseless point of view.

  • sixhats

    It *should bother you – that’s the point.
    I stand by my comment with the prism of two generations of direct experience. Is everybody immediately biased against race – No, but enough people are, in enough situations, that we should still call it as we see it. I did.

  • KBeam

    A dash cam might have saved me some trouble when a cab driver intentionally prevented me from changing lanes safely and I was labeled at fault. I don’t think that the cam would help there BUT the driver jumped out, waving his arms around, yelling and swearing at me. All of the sudden, just under the 2 year limit, he’s suing me for catastrophic injuries. His back, neck, arms, legs, shoulders, pelvis, chest, wrist, ankles, etc. you name it, it has a boo boo. What a farce.

  • strongfp

    This is exactly why I have a dashcam. I was screwed over once in a parking lot, and never again.
    Also, just to add, the amount of judgement and racism in this video just goes to show how quick people are to throw people under the bus. Judging from the accents of these people they are not ‘white’, and EVERYONE is instantly against them.

  • strongfp

    Well, from the track record of the broken penal system I can tell you that innocent people generally don’t lawyer up or assume they won’t get punished because they genuinely think they will get away. But, that’s not the case at all, you aren’t innocent until proven guilty, you are guilty until proven you can pay up, lie your way, or show hard evidence like this home. It’s sad…
    And it’s quite obvious the cop didn’t do a thorough or proper investigation in the matter. Police are supposed to be the middle man in situations like this, how did he not notice the dash cam or ask if anyone had one? A huge mess.

  • smileysmilerton

    But chances are better, than if you did not have a dash cam… what a stupid headline. Going for click-bait articles now?

  • Fedor Tokarev

    there’s no phone. But you can clearly see a cigarette in her left hand after the airbag deflated after the deployment.

  • Fedor Tokarev

    pls open the video on youtube and read the description. the police refused to look at the evidence and he got charged with the careless driving. now he has to fight it in court. which is exactly what the title says.

  • Stingray

    This stupid article has been up long enough yahoo.

  • Chris

    I wish I could up vote that more

  • MichaelM007

    Charge the lying ‘witness’ with obstruction of justice.

  • m

    From what I see in the video, the blonde thought she had enough time to turn and could have miscalculated the amount of time but yes, she was at fault as the light is clearly green for the other driver.

  • Haywood Jablowme

    I just beat off.

  • Greg Kool

    I would REALLY like to see the woman who turned left and the ahole who keeps yelling that she had right of way interviewed to see what they have to say now that the video is out…the driver and passengers in the dashcam seem like great people – they were even concerned that she may have had a baby in the car…a shame they were lied about.

  • Catherine

    Hi everyone,I was falsely accused tonight of wreck less driving or impaired by a woman who called police on me.I was pulled over in my town by opp who said they received the call from a witness who supposedly is going to testify against me.I was issued a 500 ticket in which I’m fighting.little does this witness know ,my dashcam taped everything and not a once was my vehicle going irradicaly. I’m fighting this careless driving ticker as I have my dashcam for proof,has anyone else been ticketed by a cop who is only going by hearsay,witness best have the proof cause my dad came certainly shows a different story

  • Catherine

    Sorry about a couple typos,just very upset of being accused of doing something I didn’t do