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Cozy Coupe

Here at we like cars. Big cars, small cars, fast cars, and slow cars. We like normal cars and we like odd-ball carsEven Lego cars! Some of us even like bikes – ones with motors and ones with pedals. So it’s no surprise that we like things that are not quite cars as well. Things that want to be cars or things that pretend to be cars. One of those things is pedal cars. So here’s our look at 20 of the most unique pedal-powered cars we could find.

morgan 4-4

Morgan 4/4
The first one is a copy of one of my favourite cars. A model that’s nearly the same today as it was in 1936. This copy probably has less wood in its structure.

Morgan Super Sport Junior

Morgan Three-Wheeler
But the popular crazy Morgan these days is the three-wheeler. The real thing is rare and hard to find, especially in Canada. Well, this one looks the part. You’ll just have to make the “potato-potato” V-twin noises yourself.

Lowrider VW Bug

Lowrider VW bug
If there’s a trend in real cars, you’ll probably find it in pedal cars too. Check out the low-rider style of this vintage-looking VW bug. There’s a crushed velvet interior, chain steering wheel and beautiful paint.

Econoline Pedal Van

Ford Econoline Van
Even van guys are pedal car fans. This replica of a classic Econoline was made from scratch with low-profile tires, huge wheels and lots of added patina.

The Poppens

Indy Car Replica
The huge amount of work people put into these tiny cars is incredible. This 1930’s Indy-car-inspired design has an all-aluminium body and even phony brake discs.


UPS Truck
Those are all some neat wheels, but what if you need to make some really tiny deliveries? Well, this UPS truck has you covered for all of your tiny courier needs.


Want to take your pedal fun off-roading? This rock-crawling pedal buggy can articulate to climb boulders, and even has four-wheel drive.

pedal tracks

Pedal Tracks
But if that’s not enough for you, this tracked pedal tank can conquer any terrain. And with two seats, there’s double the pedal power.


Pedal Tank

Do you want less track and more tank in your pedal tank? We’ve got a couple of choices here. This first one has a pretty nifty fixed gun mounted to the front. Of course it doesn’t fire, but it would make a pretty decent battering ram.

pink pedal tank

Pink Pedal Tank
So you want your pedal tank to be a little bigger and a little flashier? Okay, how about this one? The turret even moves. In fact, I think it might actually fire potatoes from the cannon. But that pink camo will make sure no one suspects you.

Police Car

Pedal Plod
When all these pedal cars and pedal tanks start to run amok, it’s time to call in the cops. But what are they going to send? This police pedal car. At least this one won’t have to endure a high-speed chase.


So you need to get some landscaping done, or have your driveway plowed, but the neighbours keep on calling in noise complaints? Well, give this bulldozer a try.

Pedal Pulling Tractor

Tractor Pedal
After a long week of pedalling your bulldozer, it’s time to have some fun on the weekend. What do you use? Maybe it’s time to head to the tractor pull with your pedal-powered pulling tractor. That’ll be a tough one to get a full pull.

Defender Pedal Car

Land Rover Pedal Defender
When you’re done with the tractor pull, take your beautifully assembled Land Rover Defender up to the lake. The detail on this is quite impressive, which it needs to be to justify the $17,000 price tag.

Paddle Car

Paddle Car
We’ve got you covered at the lake, too. Check out this pedal car that you can take out on the water. Though even if you really got going, you probably still couldn’t tow a water-skier. [Evan, we said PEDAL car, not PADDLE car! -Ed.]

Pedal Bus

Pedal Bus
With back to school just around the corner, we can help get the kids some more exercise on the way to and from the classroom. Check out this pedal-powered school bus.


Oscar Meyer Wienermobile
The kids might get hungry on the way home. Fortunately, there’s an Oscar Meyer Wienermobile around! Hopefully they have some tiny free samples on board.


This one bears a striking resemblance to Top Gear‘s Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust, but instead of gassing the occupants with a poorly running generator, this one will only gas you with whatever you or your passenger had for lunch.

Cozy Coupe

Cozy Coupe
Here’s one that’s the opposite of what we’ve been doing. It’s a foot-powered car copy made from a real car. It’s so cool I think we can let that slide. These folks have taken a Daewoo Matiz and turned it into a real-life replica of the Cozy Coupe.


Meet The Flintstones
And of course this list wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the original foot-powered car, the Flinstonemobile. Fortunately, there is no shortage of people making replicas of their own, and this is one of the best.

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Evan Williams

Evan Williams

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