The Ford GT Gets Its First Speeding Tickets

Ford GT

While this trio of Ford GT prototypes was painted in camouflage, that camo is intended to be effective on spy-photographers’ cameras and not on the radar guns of the Colorado State Patrol. According to the Vail Daily, their heavy right feet got them into some trouble earlier this week. They reported that a patrolman spotted the cars completing high-speed development work in Glenwood Canyon and radioed ahead to have the cars pulled over. The problem was that they were doing that testing a little bit faster than they should have been, with at least one GT being clocked at over 160 km/h.

All three drivers of the 630 hp, 3.5L, twin-turbo V6 supercars received tickets for their speeds. The test pilots were far enough over the limit that they will need to come back for a future court date. They can probably expect high-fives from co-workers and angry glares from their bosses when they get home. It’s a harsh reminder that even if you’re one of the lucky 500 who have been approved to buy a GT of your own, even a top speed well over 300 km/h won’t help you outrun the good old police radio.


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Evan Williams

Evan Williams

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