Mazda Diesel Powertrain Coming to North America

2017 Mazda CX-5

The ongoing EPA diesel situation isn’t scaring Mazda away. The marque has just announced that their 2.2L SkyActiv-D diesel powertrain is coming to North America.

The engine has been available globally in the CX-5 since its launch in 2012, but EPA requirements forced Mazda to detune it so much that they were unhappy with its resulting performance and opted instead to go back to the drawing board.

Soon to be available in conjunction with the launch of the next-generation CX-5, the SkyActiv-D model will be the first Mazda diesel ever sold on our continent and will make the CX-5 one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles in its class.

Two key technologies, which Mazda calls its Natural Sound Smoother and Natural Sound Frequency Control, aim to combat diesel knock and make the engine quieter than other diesel-powered blocks.

Diesel-powered CX-5s will begin arriving in North America in the second half of 2017.

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  • Max Pond

    Any specs on power?

  • Daniel Libich

    After the VW emissions scandal forced other automakers to reconsider their diesel options as Mazda had diesel CX-5 available worldwide as it would be easy to adapt emissions to be in line with EPA’s tier IV standards as engineers had to go back to the drawing board before combating diesel knock as goals were to make a diesel sound like a gasoline engine.

  • Mike Galvin

    I have a BMW 328diesel and am happy with ther car 4 to 5 liter on highway and combine 6.5 so far its a good buy

  • Doug_RRC

    The European Diesel versions vary between 150 HP to 173 HP (with 300 – 410 ft. lbs of torque) depending on what car and transmissions used. Expect the North American version to be detuned to an estimated 110-120 HP for Automatic / Manuals.

  • Clark

    Trump is going to relax thw emissions restrictions.

  • Kimbell

    I’ll be checking with the Mazda Dealers, the car sounds like just what I’m looking for hopefully with All wheel or 4X4?????

  • Peter Forsyth

    will the diesel be available as an awd as well?