Honda Launches Rebel 300 and 500 Entry-Level Cruisers

2017 Honda Rebel

The democratization of motorcycles just got another kick in the backside as Honda has revealed its all-new Honda Rebel 300 and 500 ahead of the Long Beach Motorcycle Show on Thursday.

The new cruisers are targeted heavily at the “millennial” market and will share powerplants with the CB range. That means a single, 286 cc engine in the base unit pumping out 31 hp and 20 lb-ft of torque. A twin 471 shared with the CBR500R will power the larger model giving it 47 hp and 32 lb-ft of torque.


Both will come with the same trellis frame and large, fat, 16-inch wheels – 130/90/16 up front, 150/80/16 out back. The high-arcing tank is reminiscent of custom bobbers, and Honda has dived into its custom range to give us a hint of what’s possible with this new bike.

The entire rear sub-frame is bolt-on, bolt off and is designed to take the weight of an available pillion seat or a saddlebag hanger.


Custom bikes by both Honda and fashion label Aviator Nation were on display, with Aviator Nation founder and CEO Paige Mycoskie on hand to show off her interpretation of what the Rebel could look like.

Two Honda specials, an air-force themed Bobber-racer and a beach-themed ape-hanger edition were displayed, with the yellow ape-hanger equipped model paying homage to the rest of the Honda line-up in its graffiti-inspired side cover artwork.


The Honda crew were quick to point out that the specials shown all had bolt-on/off parts, there was no custom welding or cutting performed.

The 41 mm front forks will offer 121 mm of travel while the rear dual shocks with five-position preload will over 96 mm. Seat height is a low, low 691 m and the whole unit, complete with 11.4L of fuel will weight in at 165 kg in 300 cc models and 185 for the 500.

Honda Canada will have a red or white 300 or a silver, black, or red 500 available in early 2017.

Pricing has not yet been announced.

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