Nissan Recalls Diesel Titans for Fuel Tank Defect

2016 TITAN XD Crew Cab (with 5.6L Endurance V8 gasoline)

Nissan Canada and Transport Canada have announced a recall of 1,900 Titan XD pickup trucks to fix fuel tanks that may lack proper ventilation and could become deformed.

Nissan says that when this batch of diesel trucks was being built, a temporary cap placed over a fuel tank breather tube (probably to prevent foreign objects from falling in during assembly) may not have been removed afterward. In those trucks, the fuel tank may not be properly vented to allow air to replace the volume of fuel as it is consumed.

In extreme cases, that could cause the fuel tank to deform, and according to Nissan, the lack of ventilation can also cause inaccurate fuel gauge and distance-to-empty readings and lead to the truck unexpectedly running out of fuel and stalling the engine.

Nissan is asking dealers to inspect the trucks included in this recall campaign to ensure proper fuel tank breather tube routing and to make sure there’s no cap on the tube. In trucks in which the tank has become deformed, Nissan will replace the affected components, which could include the tank, breather tube and fuel gauge sending unit.

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Chris Chase

Chris Chase

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  • Daniel Libich

    As Nissan could be recalling hundreds of new titan XD’s with the Cummins over a fuel tank defect as dealers could be checking for signs a shipping plug wasn’t removed before the tank was put under the truck and hooked up. In extreme cases the lack of ventilation could cause the tank to seriously deform as the only way to repair the tank is to replace it along with the breather tube and fuel gauge sending unit. After there was signs owners did run out of fuel as on top of having fuel delivery as the tow truck operator had to go through the fuel bleeding procedures