Toyota Recalls Sienna Vans With Sticky Sliding Doors

Although easily outsold by the Dodge Grand Caravan in Canada, the Sienna is still a popular vehicle. Sales are up 31 per cent to 7,363 units in 2015’s first half, and it’s the country’s 31st-best-selling vehicle. Recently, named the Princeton, Indiana-built Sienna America’s second-most American vehicle in its annual American-Made Index.

Toyota and Transport Canada has announced a recall of more than 60,000 Sienna minivans whose power-operated sliding side doors could get stuck.

The automaker says that in situations where the electric door mechanism is activated but the door is prevented from moving — say it’s caked in ice from freezing rain — the motor will continue to try to move the door until the electric fuse blows.

And in a situation like that freezing rain example, if the door has already unlatched it could open while the van is being driven.

Toyota says it hasn’t yet come up with a fix, but we suspect it will involve a reprogramming of the doors’ auto-stop function, which is usually engaged when something or someone gets in the way of the moving door.

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Chris Chase

Chris Chase

As a child, Chris spent much of his time playing with toy cars in his parents’ basement; when his mother would tell him to go play outside, he made car sounds while riding his bicycle or dug roads for his toys in the flower garden. Now he gets to indulge his obsession playing with real cars that make their own cool noises, and gets paid for it.
  • don684

    One thing about Toyota they stand behind their products . If there is a problem they recall and fix it no charge . Not so much I have found with other manufacturers . Subaru has a problem with accelerator pedal assemblies in it’s outback model code p2138 .Cars just dies while driving and no throttle response. Very dangerous but no recall ,they expect the consumer to pay for the repair .Infiniti M35x steering rack problems guess what no recall ,customers pay for a very expensive repair . Again steering rack is a safety issue but no recall. I for one am taking note of manufacturer’s that take care of customers as to my next vehicle purchase.