Nissan Sets J-turn Record (Sort of) Blindfolded

Nissan Juke uses onboard cameras to set world-first 'blind' J-tu

Nissan wanted to show off their high-tech surround view camera system, and what better way to do it than with some impressive driving stunts.

To showcase the 2017 Juke’s available Around View Monitor video system, Nissan hired the appropriately named stunt driver Paul Swift to do a 180 degree turn in reverse, better known as a J-turn, in the space of a single road lane. A J-turn is fairly simple stuff, and it doesn’t show off the camera, so Nissan upped the difficulty and blacked-out the windows, forcing Swift to do the stunt blind. Almost.

The experienced stunt driver would have to do the J-turn using only the 360 degree view on the 5.0-inch infotainment screen in the dashboard. In attempting the stunt, Swift said that “looking at the 360-degree view on the dashboard screen – rather than over my shoulder through the rear window was strange at first, but I quickly adjusted.”

There were lane lines painted on the surface to give him something to reference on the screen. It took a few practice tries (probably more than a few), but Swift was able to spin the Juke in a space only 18 cm wider than the Juke is long. Even more impressively, that feat matches the record for the same maneuver “sighted,” says Nissan.

It’s not the first record-setting attempt or stunt for the Juke either. Last year, Terry Grant drove a Juke on two-wheels for a full mile up England’s Goodwood hill climb circuit. He not only managed to ascend the tight course on two-wheels, but Grant shattered his previous record (set in another Juke in 2012) by 45 seconds.


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Evan Williams

Evan Williams

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