Hyundai Recalls Minivans for Hood Latch Failure


Hyundai Canada has recalled more than 6,000 Entourage minivans sold between 2007 and 2010 to fix secondary hood latches that could get stuck in the open position.

Transport Canada says the latch could corrode, which may cause the latch mechanism to bind; if this happens, and the primary hood latch fails — or is released — while driving, the hood may fly open and obstruct the driver’s view, not to mention scare the pants off them.

Hyundai says it’s asking its dealers to replace the hood latch mechanisms in the 6,102 affected vans.

This is the second vehicle Hyundai has recalled this year to fix secondary latches; in June it called back more than 18,000 examples of its new Tucson crossover to fix a similar risk. Also in June, sister company Kia recalled the Sedona minivan (a mechanical clone to the Entourage sold between 2006 and 2014) for exactly the same problem.

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Chris Chase

Chris Chase

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