Faulty Airbag, Seatbelt Components Prompt Luxury Car Recalls

BMW X1 Long Wheelbase

Porsche, BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover Canada have all recalled vehicles to replace airbag and seatbelt components that do not meet the manufacturers’ specifications.

BMW and Transport Canada have issued a recall to replace faulty airbag inflators in a few hundred 2017 models.

The 469 BMW and Mini models may have been built with airbag inflators that do not meet specifications, which could cause the airbags to deploy improperly. Note that this is not related to the massive Takata airbag recall.

BMW Canada says the cars in question include the 4, 5 and 6 Series, the i3, X1 and Mini three- and five-door hatchbacks and Clubman wagon, and warns that most of the front-seat airbags could be affected, including front passenger, knee, side or curtain units. Dealers will replace all inflators that don’t meet BMW’s specs.

From Porsche, there are nine examples of the 911, Boxster and Cayman with non-conforming side airbags, which dealers will replace.

It’s the same story from Infiniti and its QX30 compact crossover; dealers will replace front passenger airbag inflators in 47 examples of that 2017 model.

And Jaguar and Land Rover have begun a campaign to inspect front seatbelt pretensioners (a device that cinches the belt tight when it senses a crash is imminent) in a total of 1,459 vehicles that include the Jaguar F-Type and XE, and Land Rover Discovery Sport, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. In these cars, a faulty pretensioner could fail to deploy, increasing the risk of injury or death. Dealers are being asked to inspect the seat belt assemblies and replace those with the faulty pretensioners.

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Chris Chase

Chris Chase

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