Canada Approves TDI Emissions Fix for Gen-3 Volkswagen Diesels

2015 Volkswagen Golf TDI

Canadian TDI owners were delivered an early Christmas present on December 19th 2016 in the form of a very detailed – although preliminary – settlement for the Dieselgate saga.

TDI owners are basically offered three options: buy back, trade-in or repair. The last option seemed to be highly theoretical, as no repair was known – until now, that is. Reading the settlement documents, it became readily apparent that something was going on regarding a fix for “Generation 3” TDI’s from model year 2015, as the repair process was detailed as a two-step program that involved half of the compensation money after Step 1, with the remainder to be paid once Step 2 is completed at an ulterior date.

On January 6th 2017 the EPA approved a fix that covers affected 2.0L TDI vehicles from model year 2015, a production run known as “Generation 3”, featuring a different and more advanced engine than the 2009 – 2014 cars. The fix involves a software patch (Step 1), available right now, and new hardware (Step 2) which will take about a year to reach the dealerships. The repair kit was not detailed in the published statement, but according to reports it includes at least new diesel particulate filter, diesel oxidation catalyst and nitrous oxide (NOx) catalyst. The EPA said in their statement that the fix will not affect vehicle’s fuel economy, reliability or durability. The repair also comes with an extended emissions warranty, as detailed in the Canadian settlement documents. There were no mentions by the EPA on how the repair will affect performance and driveability.

Environment and Climate Change Canada declared that since Canada’s vehicle emissions standards align with those of the United States, the EPA-approved fix will provide an acceptable approach to reduce harmful NOx emissions here in Canada. VW Canada declared that customers will be contacted when all details are available concerning the repairs and that no actions need to be taken by customers at this time. The repairs will be provided for free by Volkswagen. Again, only 2.0L TDI models from model year 2015 are concerned by this repair option, either at VW (Beetle, Jetta, Golf, Passat) or Audi (A3). No repair option has been approved at this time for TDI vehicles from model years 2009 to 2014. The full settlement details are available at; approval hearings are expected to happen in March in Ontario and Quebec, after which the actual settlement process will begin.

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Daniel Beaulieu

Daniel Beaulieu

Daniel Beaulieu is a Montreal-based transportation engineer with an addiction to Eau de Fuel. After making his freelance debut at Car and Driver, Daniel became a regular contributor / copy editor at Le Guide de l’auto, Guide de l’auto magazine and and he’s on the writing team for the Montreal International Auto Show’s official program.
  • SteveL

    Before the scandal hit, I recall reading that other manufacturers couldn’t figure out how VW was able to engineer a diesel engine that delivered the published fuel economy, emissions and power together. Then we learned it was not true; the scam was software that gave you one or the other but not all 3 at the same time; thus the lawsuits, etc.

    This update reports the EPA stating “the fix will not affect vehicle’s fuel economy, reliability or durability”. Great. Surely that means net max power and torque must be reduced compared to the pre-fix figures. Do we have any details on how detuned the engines will turn out to be, once the new software and hardware are applied?

  • Yuhong Bao

    In this case, the fixes are for those that have SCR systems, and one of the side effects listed is the use of more DEF.