Chinese Automaker GAC Shows Future North American Offering in Detroit


China’s Guangzhou Automotive Group Company (GAC) showed a concept SUV at this year’s Detroit auto show that could be the first Chinese designed and built vehicle sold in North America if GAC meets its goal of setting up showrooms here before the end of the decade.

China’s fast-growing auto industry has become a regular presence at the Detroit auto show; this was GAC’s third time there, and the GS7 SUV concept proves the company has been paying at least some attention to what’s tickling the tastes of American motorists: this concept is based on a larger model called the GS8 (pictured above) the automaker revealed at last year’s Beijing Motor Show and that will be sold under GAC’s Trumpchi brand.

In an interview with Automotive News, a GAC exec said either the GS7 or GS8 would be a strong candidate for the company’s big break stateside. What we don’t know is much about what’s underneath the admittedly good-looking — if anonymous — bodywork, which reminds us a bit of something between a Nissan Armada and the Kia Telluride concept. At the GS8’s unveiling, GAC said power comes from a “Ti-POWER320T engine which features a low-inertia E-Turbo turbocharger, GCCS combustion control… and a DCV VT double-span variable valve timing.” We think we know what some of that means.

Right now, GAC says its plan is to enter the U.S. market — if not North America as a whole — in 2019, but admits that’s not a firm date. What’s more certain is the company will open a research facility in California’s Silicon Valley this year, so even if the 2019 plan doesn’t pan out, we’d suggest China’s auto industry is serious about coming our way.

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Chris Chase

Chris Chase

As a child, Chris spent much of his time playing with toy cars in his parents’ basement; when his mother would tell him to go play outside, he made car sounds while riding his bicycle or dug roads for his toys in the flower garden. Now he gets to indulge his obsession playing with real cars that make their own cool noises, and gets paid for it.
  • Derwood Wilkinson

    HAHAHAHA!!!! Can you imagine the price tag on these vehicles under the Trump administration!!

    I seriously doubt GAC will be selling these vehicles in the U.S. within the next 4 years. Maybe Canada (because JT holds no qualms about who he will jump into bed with), but definitely not the U.S.

    And in order to get Cdns. to buy a Chinese vehicle (and risk their lives in it!), I believe the price point would have to come in under $10,000.

  • Rob Ducharme

    Looking at the fit and finish of that thing, I’m betting if I inspected it up close, I’d projectile vomit. I’ve worked with Chinese people who said they would never buy a Chinese auto. Seriously.

  • newsfromwashington

    Never in a million years would I buy a Chinese car. I always
    look to see if anything is made in China and I’m pretty desperate when I do buy their junk.