Mitsubishi Will Name Its Newest Small SUV Eclipse Cross

Mitsubishi Motors Names New Compact SUV: Eclipse Cross.

Mitsubishi will reveal a new compact crossover model at next month’s Geneva auto show that revives the Eclipse name, last used on a sporty coupe sold in North America between 1990 and 2012.

It has been suggested the Eclipse Cross will slot in, size-wise, between below the Outlander and above a smaller, future version of the RVR (called Outlander Sport and ASX in other markets). But we think it a strong possibility the Eclipse Cross will replace the RVR altogether as the brand’s new entry-level crossover model.

Whatever the case, Mitsubishi promises the Eclipse Cross will be a stunner, with a “beautiful, dynamic form (that) serves to bring about the same sense of excitement and inspiration as the diamond ring seen immediately before and after a total solar eclipse.”

Mitsu also says the red colour on the vehicle in the teaser image is “reflected in the name to evoke the brilliance of the prominence seen during the total solar eclipse.”

Die-hard Mitsubishi fans may not be getting another sports car, but at least the sun hasn’t gone down on the Eclipse nameplate just yet.

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Chris Chase

Chris Chase

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