This 911 Targa 4S Is Easier on the Wallet

Playmobil 911 Targa 4S

If you’ve been wanting a Porsche 911 Targa 4S but your wallet won’t allow it, then Playmobil has you covered. Take a seat in a tiny armchair and look over the tiny fact sheet before taking a test drive in a 911 that will fit a lot more wallets. Or fit in a really big pocket for that matter.

Smaller versions of dream cars have been popular for decades, but this might be the first one to come with the whole new-car buying experience. The Playmobil Porsche 911 Targa 4S has a removable targa roof panel and working lights, but it comes with a showroom too. There is a reception desk, a tiny TV, and even some small colour brochures. If your tiny Targa gets dirty, there is detailing spray for the salesman to use and some Mobil 1 for your first imaginary oil change.


Outside, the Playmobil Targa looks convincingly like the real thing. Inside, the Targa 4S has room for two adult figures in the front seat and two kid figures in the back seat. Lights in the head and taillights, side markers and instrument cluster run on AAA batteries. The set comes with almost everything you need to start your own Porsche dealer, even a fake plant to put near the counter, but if you want the complete dealership experience then they also have a service centre that comes with a 911 Carrera S.

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Evan Williams

Evan Williams

Evan is based in Halifax, and has been a car nut for as long as anyone can remember. He autocrosses, does lapping days and TSD rallies, breaks cars and then fixes them again.