Mercedes-AMG’s Newest Concept Is an 805 Hp Hybrid Sedan

Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

The newest model from Mercedes-AMG is a four-door hybrid. An 805 hp twin-turbo, 0-100 km/h in under three seconds, AMG GT styled, four-door hard top coupe, but a hybrid. We’re ok with that.

Tobias Moers, Mercedes-AMG CEO, says that the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept is “a preview of our third completely autonomously developed sports car.” Mercedes concepts are normally pretty close to the production car, which means that this is a pretty close look at a model that AMG wants to build. As Mercedes put it, “the show car gives a sneak preview of the exterior design of the coming series production model.”

The nose is very much AMG GT, wearing the Panamericana grille of that car, along with similar thin headlights and side air grilles. The hood wraps around the top of the fenders, much like the new Volkswagen Arteon revealed yesterday. But that’s about where the similarities end, as the GT Concept is much more elegant and aggressive. Sitting behind that big grille are active air shutters to improve cooling, fuel efficiency, and performance. The running lights use a new “nano active fibre technology” that allows bright lights in a narrow, flexible fibre. The main lights use LEDs, and the whole light has a very distinct look.

The outside has pop-out flush door handles, as well as video cameras for door mirrors. The look is impressive, but don’t expect the camera-mirrors to make production just yet.

At the back, the big diffuser and ultra-slim taillights are straight off of the GT R. The short greenhouse gets frameless windows and black B-pillars to help give a traditional hardtop coupe look. The roof, front spoiler, rear diffuser, and side sills are all carbon fibre.

Under that long hood is AMG’s 4.0L twin-turbo V8. AMG didn’t give a power figure for the V8 alone, but with 805 total, it’s likely somewhere close to the 585 hp version from the GT R. Add an electric motor and a lithium battery and you have 805 total horses and a 0-100 km/h time of under three seconds. Which is probably at least a few seconds faster than rear-seat passengers will be comfortable with.

AMG says that the operation of the GT Concept’s hybrid system is derived from the team’s Formula 1 car. It charges the battery during deceleration as well as cruising to ensure that maximum power is always available. The system will also have modes to allow electric power only, gas power only, or hybrid mode, which uses both power sources like a conventional hybrid.

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Evan Williams

Evan Williams

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