Infiniti QX80 Monograph Unveiled Ahead of New York Auto Show

Infiniti QX80 Monograph Concept

NEW YORK – Revealed just prior to the opening of the New York International Auto Show, the QX80 Monograph Concept suggests a futuristic direction for Infiniti’s large SUV range. It made its debut in Frank Gehry’s lovely IAC building, a rippling monument to space and light. New York City was a fitting location to mark its arrival, since one of every five QX80s sold is sold here.

“The QX80 Monograph provides the opportunity to reimagine Infiniti’s signature design DNA on a totally different scale. We sculpted our body pure, straight and horizontal, the muscularity both brute and sensual; part Rodin’s Thinker, part Michelangelo,” said Sr. VP of Global Design Alfonso Albaisa.

It debuts as a concept, but the Monograph is an indication of how Infiniti’s flagship SUV could evolve. Incorporating the brand’s signature design cues, writ large, the QX80 Monograph resembles the QX50 concept unveiled at the Detroit auto show this spring.

Enormous, blunt and boxy, the Infiniti QX80 has never really been what you’d call pretty. At five meters long, two meters tall, and more than two meters wide, the concept retains the current model’s presence, but new elements add a touch of refinement and elegance.

Its new face wears a widened grille flanked by wraparound headlamps, which Albaisa refers to as the “eyes of the vehicle, expressive, seductive.” They have the ability to shut down individual LED cells in oncoming traffic and light up independently giving a distinct character to the vehicle’s face.

The large fenders feature functional air vents delivering cool air to the engine bay, framed with aluminum trim. Underbody cladding running the length of the vehicle’s body add protection while improving aerodynamics.

Beneath narrow sweeping taillamps is a gloss black aerofoil with enormous, integrated exhaust tips. Satin-like paint has a burnished metal look to it, punctuated by aluminum accents.
Amplifying its enormous presence, the QX80 Monograph rides on 24-inch two-tone copper and black wheels wrapped in low profile tires.

While Infiniti didn’t confirm that the Monograph would roll off production exactly as unveiled, they did suggest that it was a teaser, a taste of what the new Infiniti QX80 will look like when it arrives at the end of the year.

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