Volkswagen To Launch Seven New SUVs and Redesigned Jetta in 2018

VW sold more than 31,000 Jettas in 2014, and looked set to eclipse that last year before the company was forced to stop selling its well-loved TDI diesel models due to an emissions testing defeat device. As a result, sales of the brand's most popular model took a dive in the last part of the year.

Volkswagen is well into what it calls the largest product offensive in its history, which will see it begin producing an all-new Jetta late this year and add seven(!) new SUVs to its lineup before the end of 2018.

Judging by comments from VW’s executive at a recent annual meeting in Wolfsburg, the diesel emissions crisis has clearly thrown the German automaker’s product planning department into hyperdrive in order to find profitable markets to help recuperate some of the billions of dollars it flushed by lying about its “clean” diesel technology.

With diesel now most likely off the table for good in North America, VW is turning to SUVs and crossovers, with the pending launch of its first three-row models in the all-new Atlas and redesigned and enlarged Tiguan. Eventually, VW says it will have a total of 19 different SUVs for sale around the world.

Then, there’s the T-Roc, a compact two-door crossover that’s definitely on its way to the U.S. and is being considered for Canada. Between the marketplace’s seemingly insatiable appetite for crossovers and the popularity of the VW badge in spite of the diesel dilemma, we think a small SUV or crossover would be an instant hit anywhere in North America.

At least one other as-yet unnamed SUV has been confirmed, too, following last month’s announcement VW would build this mystery utility at its Tennessee factory.

Lower on VW’s priority list is the Arteon, a replacement for the CC upscale sedan, which is expected to go on sale later this year.

Further down the line, VW has its sights set of becoming a “global leader in electro-mobility” with a plan to sell one million electric cars per year by 2025.

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Chris Chase

Chris Chase

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