This Nashville Predators-Themed Nissan GT-R Could Be Yours, But Be Careful Where You Park It

In a press conference today attended by Mayor Megan Barry, team executives and players, Nissan announced that it has donated this very special 2017 GT-R supercar to the Nashville Predators Foundation, which supports a variety of local Nashville charities. The ,990 GT-R Premium model is custom-painted in Preds’ official colors and graphics. The special Nissan GT-R will be the main attraction in an upcoming Predators Foundation fundraising auction that was also announced today.

Nashville Predators fans will soon get to bid for their chance to win a Nissan GT-R adorned with the NHL team’s logo and colours (dubbed Predzilla, of course), but the organization may want to watch where they park it between now and the forthcoming auction.

Nissan donated the US$109,000 sports car to the Nashville Predators Foundation, which is displaying it at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena until they auction it off to raise funds for local charities.

But given the striking similarities between the Predators’ team colours and those of Stanley Cup final rival Pittsburgh Penguins, authorities at the rink should probably keep an eye out for overzealous fans with sledgehammers: Nashville fans are eager participants in a Predators playoff tradition that sees the team decorate a beater in the opposing team’s livery and park it in front of the rink for the locals to destroy.

It would certainly be a shame for the GT-R to take such a beating, not so much because it’s a 565-hp twin-turbo sports car, but for the fact it’s the largest one-time contribution to the Nashville Predators Foundation, which has already raised $180,000 in its 2017-2018 fundraising season, money that will be funneled into Nashville’s charitable and community service organizations.

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Chris Chase

Chris Chase

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