All Future Hyundai Model Development To Include Nurburgring Track Time

2018 Hyundai i30

Hyundai says that in pursuing the title of the biggest Asian automaker in Europe, the development of all of its future models will include chassis development time at Germany’s Nurburgring racetrack.

This proclamation comes from Klaus Köster, the Korean company’s director of high performance models, in an interview with the UK’s Autocar magazine.

Their chat focused on the i30N, a hotted-up version of the car to be sold in North America as the latest Elantra GT hatchback. While that N-badged model hasn’t been confirmed for Canada yet, the 271-hp hot hatch was launched today in Europe, where it promises to take on cars like the Ford Focus ST and VW GTI.

Regardless of whether we get that car, Köster said the company’s experience setting the i30N’s suspension tuning at the Nurburgring led to a decision to use the track to refine all future models. He said that track time would make it easier for the company’s engineers to tailor its vehicles to suit the tastes of buyers in various global markets.

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Chris Chase

Chris Chase

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