BMW Driver Learns Definition of Understeer


It’s a quick one, but it’s to the point. This is what happens when you forget to slow down before making a 90 degree turn at an intersection.

It’s shot at Winston Churchill and Burnhamthorpe Rd West, in Mississauga, ON. It’s not clear if they forgot the turn, or made a last second decision, or just thought they were in a supercar on racing slicks. What is clear is that the white BMW was coming in hot. Too hot, as it turns out. The car understeers into the curb, hops the curb, and then sideswipes the Corolla and smashes head-on into the camera car.

Even if you’re behind the wheel of the Ultimate Driving Machine, the laws of physics still apply. Turn in too fast or too hard and the car just doesn’t have enough traction left to make the turn. And while it was probably too little and too late to help this driver, if you find yourself understeering into traffic, unwind some steering lock. It might just give you enough steering control to save the day. This driver appeared to have the wheel turned all the way to the right, making it highly unlikely that they could recover control, even with more pavement to play with.

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Evan Williams

Evan Williams

Evan is based in Halifax, and has been a car nut for as long as anyone can remember. He autocrosses, does lapping days and TSD rallies, breaks cars and then fixes them again.