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Newest Bond Trailer for SPECTRE shows DB10, C-X75, flamethrowers, and jumps

A new trailer for the upcoming James Bond film SPECTRE has just been released. James Bond movies have always been linked with jaw-dropping car chase scenes involving some equally jaw-dropping machinery, and the latest one carries on the tradition in spectacular fashion. The latest film will again feature Daniel Craig as the world’s most suave…

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Is this the moment, in 1977's the Spy Who Loved Me, when the Bond franchise jumped the shark? There's nothing wrong with the car, of course, but when Bond drives it into the lake, and the tires turn into fins, basically having the car transform into a submarine, it did become a little harder to suspend disbelief. I mean, it's only a short step from here to having him drive Optimus Prime.

James Bond’s Coolest Cars

For Daniel Craig’s next outing, set to be released in Nov. 2015, Aston Martin created a custom model in order to celebrate the golden anniversary of their relationship. There have been many Bond cars, but these are the coolest. Tags: 007, Aston Martin, bmw, db10, dbs, Ford, James Bond, lotus, marketing, movie, rolls royce, slideshow,…

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Skyper is bankrupt (surprise!)

Weekly News in Photos: Scion going up-market, Spyker going downmarket (as in bankrupt), and more

It has been an interesting week in automotive news this first week of December. Just off the Los Angeles Auto Show, Ford is already making waves before the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January. Toyota North America’s boss wants to see Scion go up-market. And remember Spyker? Yeah, they’re bankrupt. Tags: ajac,…

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Aston Martin DB10

Aston Martin DB10 – Your New Bond Car

British spy hero James Bond returns in SPECTRE, once again commanding an Aston Martin. This time around, the filmmakers have collaborated with the luxury automobile firm to design a bespoke Bond car, the DB10. Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer announced the grand tourer today stating, “In the same year that we celebrate our 50-year relationship…

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