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2014 Dodge Demon Challenger SRT8

Stars in Cars: Dee Snider of Twisted Sister

Dee Snider gained fame as the lead singer of the heavy metal group, Twisted Sister. After 40 on-and-off years together, Twisted Sister officially called it quits in April 2015, but they’re still planning a final farewell tour in 2016 to commemorate the band’s forty years in the music biz. In the meantime, the flamboyant frontman…

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There is nothing more capable, rugged, and just plain tough as a Unimog. These enormous off-roaders have flexible frames and offset axles giving them world-class ground clearance and the ability to clamber over rocks up to a metre high. They’re ugly as sin, and just as cool.

Dirty Dozen: 12 Off-Roaders That Will Cover You in Muddy Glory

Whether it’s a snow-covered mountainside, a road-turned-quagmire by the spring thaw or just a great, big old mud pit out at your mate’s farm, Canadians feel an affinity for rugged, off-road rigs. Our wide-open landscape with dramatic and challenging terrain gives us plenty of opportunity to test our vehicles, and ourselves, in often-foolish off-road endeavours….

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Teemu Selanne – Cadillac Series 62 Coupe

Hockey Stars and Their Awesome Cars

Every year, the start of the NHL season brings with it a crop of players making their NHL debuts. These rookies – most of them in their late teens or early 20s – will suddenly have more money in their pockets than ever before in their lives, and if the past is any reliable guide, many if not all will use this newfound wealth to treat themselves to a shiny new sports car – or two or three (hey, sometimes they have a LOT of money).

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